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The Referral Process

The request for service from CDRJS falls under THREE main themes:

Restorative Justice Facilitation

CDRJS has a contract with the Ministry of Justice to provide restorative justice facilitation in British Columbia. The current majority of the referrals come from either the RCMP or Crown. In either case, contact is made with the CDRJS Program Contractor and the file is reviewed by both parties.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an agreement that expresses the common will between two or more parties. Although not as binding as a contract it describes a working relationship, an intended line of action.

CDRJS has signed a MOU with School District 5 (Southeast Kootenay). The agreement allows the school district to refer incidents that they feel require a restorative process. The process for referral, as identified in the MOU, is for schools to contact Jason Tichauer, Director of Instruction.

Restorative Approaches to Conflict

Conflict is not restricted to the RCMP and schools. If an incident does not potentially involve a criminal offence, but may require a restorative approach to assist in resolving the difficulty, an application for support can be made by contacting the CDRJS Office 250-489-8999. All services provided by CDRJS are free of charge with exception of travel expenses outside of Cranbrook for CJF Training.

Restorative Justice Education and Training

Restorative Justice Inservice CDRJS welcomes any and all opportunities to speak to groups about the positive nature and influence of restorative justice. If as a group you are interesting in a presentation, please feel free to contact the CDRJS Office 250-489-8999. If you are interested in becoming a member of CDRJS and/or training to become a certified facilitator, please refer to the pages:



Introduction to CDRJS