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New Members
Our Society Welcomes New Members

Members don’t pay dues, are entitled to attend and vote at Annual General Meetings and attend special meetings held to further restorative justice awareness and deal with the business of the Society. A strong membership base demonstrates that the objectives of the Society are highly regarded, wherever members may live.

Membership demonstrates community support for restorative justice. We welcome members from the local community, as often membership may lead to restorative justice training and facilitation.

However, membership need not be local or focused on facilitation. There are a variety of ways that individuals can be meaningfully involved, even at a distance.  There is a need to publish and edit articles posted to the website, develop vision, theme and logo, write grant proposals, search for grant proposals, develop fundraising ideas, broaden our client base and write summary reports.  So if any or all of that sounds interesting, and we hope it does, please let us know.

If you have any questions about restorative justice, or would like to become involved in program activities, please contact the CDRJS Office 250-489-8999.

Membership Form

Membership Application

The online form for the purposes of applying for Membership in Cranbrook and District Restorative Justice Society (CDRJS). All information requested in this form needs to be complete and accurate. Membership applications are reviewed monthly during the Board Meetings held by CDRJS. All applicants will be notified of the progress of their applications. Thank you in advance for your interest in Restorative Justice and the services of CDRJS.
  • If you answered "Other" to the question above, please let us know how you became interested in Restorative Justice and/or Cranbrook and District Restorative Justice Society.
  • The strength of a non-profit like CDRJS is largely due to diversity of skills and experiences of the membership. What strengths, interests and experience have you had that you would be willing to add to the society?
    There are many roles and responsibilities within CDRJS. What would you be interested in doing?
  • If you selected "Other" in the question above, please let us know where you would like to contribute. All roles are of equal value and all contributions are equally welcome.
    1. The Ministry of Justice requires that any member of CDRJS who is required to work with children or vulnerable adults must have an acceptable Criminal Record Check. 2. Any member who is elected to the Board of Directors of CDRJS must have an acceptable Criminal Record Check. 3. Criminal Record Checks are provided free of charge for members of CDRJS. Would you be willing to apply for a Criminal Record Check?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

Funding organizations who provide grants to support CDRJS require that we have on file a signed membership agreement.  In addition to the online form, we request that perspective new members provide a signed membership agreement.

PDF version of the form

Please: Print, Fill out, sign and bring or email or mail it into our office.

Thanks in advance,

Doug McPhee

CJF Training Request

CJF Facilitator Training - Full

This is the Application Form for the CJF Restorative Justice Facilitator Training Session to be held in Cranbrook October 27th, 28th, 20th. Attendance on all three days for the eight hour session on each day is mandatory. The training dates are usually a Friday evening followed by two 8 hour days on Saturday and Sunday. Please ensure that your email is entered as you will be contacted as we get closer to the training date.
    Please check all that apply to you
  • Is there anything else that we need to know to make your learning opportunity more meaningful for you? If you would be interested in other training dates, what months in 2016 might work for you.