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The certification process through the RCMP CJF progam can be broken into a number of related tasks.

Initial Facilitator Training

This is typically a 20 hr training session which is either scheduled over a period of three days or broken into modules and taught over a longer period of time.

Certification as a Facilitator

The current recommended certification process is for the student to work with a certified facilitator on a minimum of 5 files. Over that period of mentorship the student is given increasing responsibility and becomes the lead facilitator on the final two files.  The file histories and a recommendation from the program is sent to the RCMP and, if accepted, a new certified facilitator adds their strength to the team.

Maintaining Certification

In order to maintain certification under the CJF program, a facilitator needs to complete a minimum of two files on a yearly basis.

Refresher Training

Similar to maintaining certification under the CJF program, every 42 months certified facilitators are involved in refresher training through CDRJS. A lighter version of the CJF program, the refresher training reviews the core concepts, provides additional practice and the opportunity to discuss approaches used with more complicated files.

Schedule for 2016 to 2019

Every month on an alternating basis, either a facilitator refresher module is offered or and interest session for members.  Not all members are interested in making a contribution as a facilitator. There are a number of ways individuals can meaningfully support a nonprofit like CDRJS.  The interest sessions will provide greater understanding of the criminal justice system, court diversion and victim support.

The schedule at the top of the page illustrates the draft training and interest opportunities for 2016-17.

CDRJS Training Schedule

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