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What is with alphabet soup?

We seem to love acronyms in today’s world.  Hopefully, this article will help decode the alphabet soup and further inform you of the recent work of Cranbrook and District Restorative Justice.

EKOHDE is the East Kootenay Organization for Human Dignity and Equality.  The work of the organization is to

Forward human rights knowledge in East Kootenay communities and to encourage fair, friendly and harmonious community life complements other efforts to create attitudes that conduce to a healthy lifestyle and the self-esteem required for accessing the health care and health improvement services available

CDRJS is the Cranbrook and District Restorative Justice Society.  Through the use of restorative practices, the work of the organization is to work toward restoring peace and repairing the harm done as the result of crime in the community.

Why is it important to meld the two organizations?

1. The work of both organizations is to restore or build human dignity and human capacity.  EKOHDE provides two primary elements in this goal area:

Community Education and Awareness

EKOHDE, and now CDRJS, will work collaboratively with a network of local pubic service providers, Humanity Network,  to identify current themes related to human dignity or current issues in the community for which providing public education/information events will further strengthen and inform this region.

The goal of our Network is to increase awareness of human dignity and the values of humanity Canada and BC have identified with, and to grow our collective understanding of the importance of these values in our communities.

Community access to and awareness of the Hate and Race-based Incident Response

The BC Hate Crimes Team works with local police detachments to investigate the criminal offenses and to protect sense of self and identity. For non-emergency questions about hate crimes, resources, training or education, please contact the BC Hate Crimes Team:

Phone: 1-855-462-5733 (toll free)

E-mail: BC_Hate_Crime_Team@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

2. Melding the work of EKOHDE, the Humanity Network and CDRJS encourages further collaboration in the community and allows for meaningful and financially responsible sharing of financial resources.

For further information and hopefully involvement, please contact:

Doug McPhee: doug.mcphee@me.com

Debbie McPhee: dlmcphee@yahoo.com

Amy Cross: amyconnochie@hotmail.com