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Community Accountability Program (CAP) or Community Justice Forums (CJF)?

CAP and CJF are often used interchangeably when discussing restorative justice practices or forums. Community Accountability Program or CAP refers to the contract that Cranbrook and District Restorative Justice Society holds with the Ministry of Justice  to delivery restorative justice practices in British Columbia.
There are a number of training facilities and opportunties in British Columbia and Canada geared to  providing background in mediation and restorative justice practices. Starting in 1997, however, the RCMP adapted a scripted process, following a very successful program developed in New Zealand. The RCMP training process and certification is termed, Community Justice Forum or CJF.
All of the facilitators at Cranbrook and District Restorative Justice Society (CDRJS) have been trained using the approved RCMP CJF program. In addition, there are trainers with CDRJS certified to provide the CJF training to new facilitators.  Some of the facilitators with CDRJS has obtained additional training in Mediation and Peace-Making to support more complex cases.