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Agenda for the Annual General Meeting for 2018
Annual General Meeting for 2018

February 22, 2018

4:30 PM

CDRJS Office – Board Room

25 10th Ave S. Cranbrook BC

Meeting Agenda

1.     Adoption of Agenda

2.     Chairperson’s Report

  • 2017 Year in Review
  • Referral Data
  • 2018 Budget
  • Financial Statements
  • Minutes of AGM 2017


3.     Approval of the Minutes from the AGM 2017

4.     Adoption of 2018 Budget

5.     Appointment of Accountant

6.     2018 Approval of Membership

7.     Election of Directors

8.     Adjournment

Report from Amber Riel, Chairperson
Coming together is a beginning;

Keeping together is progress;

Working together is success.

~ Henry Ford~


This year has been one of the most refreshing and rejuvenating years for Cranbrook & District Restorative Justice in what seems like a very long while. Hard work and a whole lot of unwavering belief in our vision, and philosophy have not only provided much needed stability but also room to grow!


Old partnerships have been strengthened, and new partnerships have been formed.  We had the great fortune of being able to build a partnership with the East Kootenay Humanity Network and look forward to the endless possibilities this collaboration brings.  Strides have also been made in collaborative efforts with the Ktunaxa Nation as they build and strengthen their restorative processes.


Diversification of funding has been a welcome outcome of the diligent efforts of our Program Contractor and Board.  This has allowed us not only to breathe a little easier, but to expand our scope of restorative practice.


We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our volunteers, members, funding bodies, board of directors, and referral agents.  A very special thank you goes to our program contractor Doug McPhee, he is the very essence of all that is good in humanity and his efforts are appreciated more than words could ever express.


We are always looking for enthusiastic people to join our team!  Don’t miss out on being a part of something great!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” ~ Margaret Mead

Report from Doug McPhee, Program Coordinator
CAP Agreement: Cranbrook and District Restorative Justice Society has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Safety and the Office of the Solicitor General (CAP Agreement) to deliver restorative practice in the province of British Columbia. This year, the definition of “appropriate files” was defined by the capacity of the organization to appropriately address the needs of the victims.

Policy Manual: Part of the work this year has been to support the development of Provincial Standards of Practices for Restorative Justice organizations and facilitators. The Standards were completed in the fall of this year and recent work has been to incorporate the same into the CDRJS Policy Manual.

CDRJS Constitution and Bylaws: 2018 marks the year during which the Constitution and Bylaws for our not-for-profit organization need to be amended to address the new changes in the Societies Act for BC.

MOU with Ktunaxa Nation Council (KNC): We successfully reached agreement on a Memorandum of Understanding with KNC. The agreement will provide future direction and support for Aboriginal victims and offenders in this territory.

Training: Two facilitator training sessions were offered by Debbie and Doug McPhee in Cranbrook and District. The sessions were: January 2017 and October of 2017 – work continues providing mentoring for the new facilitators. Our thanks again to COTR for providing the training space.

Strategic Planning: In July of 2017, CDRJS Board Members were engaged in a Strategic Planning Review. Jacquie Dust facilitated the review and the New Board for 2018 will be well-served by this thoughtful process.

Program Coordinator Contract: There was a performance review of the Program Coordinator which resulted in a contract renewal until the end of June 2018.

CDRJS Office Move: Not once, but twice and all for good reasons!

Website Facelift: The CDRJS website has been updated using the Divi theme of WordPress. The new theme allows us greater opportunity to showcase the beauty of this region.

CDRJS Merges with EKOHDE: The mandate of the East Kootenay Organization for Human Dignity and Equality http://www.ekohde.org/display.php?pID=26 is to provide opportunities which support the understanding and development of human dignity and equality. Restorative Justice is a process which works toward restoring human dignity while addressing the harm of crime. The Humanity Network is a collaborative group of service providers and not-for-profit organizations who were pulled together by EKOHDE to determine the yearly community programs and events. Members from CDRJS have been active in EKOHDE and the Humanity Network. When EKOHDE had difficult maintaining a management structure, the concept of merging with CDRJS was a welcome invitation. Amy Cross, who was the contractor for EKOHDE, has been hired through them to facilitate the transition and melding of the programs.

OARH Organizing Against Racism and Hate: One of the responsibilities of the CDRJS participation in the Humanity Network was to be a contact for Incident Reporting and Support through the RCMP and the OARH network. Funding has been made available through them to support a community awareness piece that was defined by the Humanity Network. I’m sure that if Amy or Deb are in attendance, they will want to talk more on this exciting development.