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CDRJS Board Members for 2018

Amber Riel

  • Previous Board Member with CDRJS
  • Previous Board Chair
  • Certified and experienced Facilitator with CDRJS
  • Trained in Mediation and PeaceMaking Facilitation

Avery Hulbert

  • Previous Member with CDRJS
  • Criminology and Anthropology Instructor with COTR
  • Chairperson of the COTR Education Council
  • Educational and Professional experience with Restorative Practices

Brandon Veenstra

  • Board Member with CDRJS
  • Previous and current experience with non-profit organizations at the Board Level
  • Trained CJF Facilitator with CDRJS
  • Practicing Lawyer with extensive experience in Restorative Justice organizations

Kevin Ward

  • Board Member with CDRJS
  • Board Member with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
  • Director of Stonecross Retreat Centre
  • Trained CJF Facilitator with CDRJS
  • Trained Peacemaking Circle Facilitator
  • Family Group Conferencing Coordinator/Facilitator

CDRJS is currently interested in adding members to the Board.  If you are interested, the Board meets once a month and your contributions will help guide a very meaningful and valued contribution to our community. 

Contact Doug McPhee, Program Coordinator, if you are interested or have any questions. (250-489-8999)